Infrared Inspection

Our Home Inspectors are very competent, experienced and passionate professionals who use the best equipment to create the most detailed reports in the entire Tampa area and surrounding cities. By using tools like thermal imagers, moisture meters, radon detectors, combustion analyzers and black lights, we find and verify more issues during our home inspection which empowers you to negotiate for the best deal when purchasing your new home. 

The Benefits of Infrared

Infrared camera images tell a story that only a trained professional can read—by interpreting the images collected during infrared imaging, your inspector can uncover hidden problems like:

  • Moisture problems

  • Developing leaks in the roof or plumbing

  • Rodent or pest infestation

  • Storm damage

  • Areas of missing insulation

  • Air drafts and more

thermal imaging interior.jpg

The infrared camera shows that there is a hot spot in this section of the electrical panel. the problem can be seen at the right image. You have 3 conductors feeding from 1 breaker.


The infrared camera shows the temperature of 68.7 degrees in the return vent to the air handler on the left image and a temperature of 59.9 degrees in an exhaust vent of one of the rooms. This is helpful in determining if the HVAC is working properly.